Brando's First Screen Test Discovered


Marlon Brando Marlon Brando's first scene test, made in 1947 for Rebel Without a Cause, a film made eight years later with James Dean in the starring role, has been discovered and will be included as an extra in a DVD set featuring a restored Streetcar Named Desire scheduled to be released on May 2. In an interview with The Times, Darwin Porter, author of the biography Brando Unzipped, said, "Screen tests preserved of the great stars are usually pretty awful ... This one had me mesmerized.


I would have done everything to hire him. From the moment Brando enters the room in the test, he is lightning on legs. There is a magnetic appeal to him, as he is at the peak of his physical beauty and virile power -- both as a man and an actor." The screen test opens with a shot of a clap board bearing the movie's title and Brando's name plus the following details: "Age: 23, height: 5'10", weight: 170, hair: brown, experience: stage 3 years."