No limits for Brazilian Cinema as the latest releases come to London

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I Cine Fest Brasil London - 17th to 20th September 2009 - Riverside Studios

cinefestbrasil-sponsorsFrom Rose Chamberlein

NO LIMITS FOR BRAZILIAN CINEMA is how Inffinito presents their worldwide festival circuit. After wrapping up their New York edition, in Central Park and the Tribeca Cinema, they are getting the reels ready to fly across the Atlantic, to the heart of London, at the Riverside Studios. Well-established as a cultural brand, the Inffinito Festival Circuit has been working in partnership with the Brazilian Government for the last 14 years to promote Brazil's audiovisual productions overseas.

Following Inffinito's international success in Buenos Aires, Canudos, Miami, Vancouver, Rome, Moscow, Madrid, Barcelona and New York, it is bringing its cinematic showcase to London in September, to continue its mission of screening a selection of the finest contemporary Brazilian cinema to a global audience. The programme of the 1st edition of the Cine Fest Brasil is made up of 20 productions comprising feature films, documentaries and short films, from a range of different genres that includes everything from blockbuster hits to talented-newcomer discoveries.

Amongst the feature-film highlights is the national record-breaking, box-office hit comedy IF I WERE YOU 2, which played to over six million Brazilians; the crime thriller THE LAST STOP 174; and the critically-acclaimed THAT'S IT, a low-budget movie that is seeing its young writer/director Matheus Souza being hailed as the ‘Brazilian Woody Allen'. Documentaries include ENCHANTED WORD, exploring Brazil's poetry and music soul, with the participation of Chico Buarque and Tom Zé and with archive images of Dorival Caymmi, Caetano Veloso and Tom Jobim; and SMOKING I WAIT, which shows the suffering of anyone daring to break free from tobacco addiction - a film for those who love, have loved, or loathe cigarettes.

Special guests attending the festival are acclaimed actress Gloria Pires (Oscar nominated O Quatrilho); top soap-opera actor Murilo Rosa (awarded Olga); industry expert producer IARA BRITZ; festival director and first-timer director Adriana Dutra; and the Golden Bear and Academy-nominated director Bruno Barreto (Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, 4 Days in September).

The Filmmaker and Festival Director Adriana Dutra said,

"We believe in the creation of a solid communication platform between Brazilian and UK audiovisual industry professionals. Our aim is to open up opportunities for new business between the two countries throughout the event."

Inffinito is catering for an audience demand for Brazilian cinema, whilst working towards the diffusion of audiovisual products, with the aim of developing new opportunities and expanding the co-production market between both countries. The festival will present the best film chosen by the public with the Crystal Lens Award, created by artist Helena Bressane. I Cine Fest Brasil-London is sponsored by EMBRATUR and Brazilian Government with support from the Brazilian Embassy in London.


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Fernanda Franco

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17 - 20 Riverside Studios

***17th THURSDAY***

Opening night + Reception


(Os Filmes que não fiz) UK Premiere

Gilberto Scarpa, 2008, 16 min, subtitles (Adriano Falabella and Ana Luísa Alves)

Made along the lines of documentaries in which famous directors talk about their films, this film shows in a humorous way the filmmaking of a completely unknown director, one who has many projects and and scripts in various stages of development, but has yet to produce a movie.

IF I WERE YOU 2 (PG) + Q&A with actress Gloria Pires

(Se eu fosse você 2) UK Premiere

Daniel Filho, 2009, 100min, Comedy (Tony Ramos and Gloria Pires)

In this sequel, Cláudio and Helena decide to divorce and they find out that Bia, now an 18-year-old, is about to get married - and that they will be grandparents. In the middle of the crisis, they swap bodies once again.


***18th FRIDAY***


(Café com leite) UK Premiere

Daniel Ribeiro, 2007, 18min (Daniel Tavares and Diego Torraca)

When their plans for the future change, new bonds are created between Danilo, Lucas and Marcos. In between videogames, glasses of milk, pain and disappointment, they need to learn how to live together.


(Chega de Saudade) UK Premiere

Laís Bodanzky, 2008, 92 min, Drama (Leonardo Villar and Tonia Carrero)

The story unfolds during an old-timers dance night, in a ballroom in Sao Paulo. The Ballroom mixes comedy and drama, while dealing with love, solitude, betrayal and lust in an environment filled with music and dance.



(Engano) UK Premiere

Cavi Borges, 2008, 11 min, Fiction (Felipe Mônaco and Mila Derzett)

One man, one woman, one city, but with two plans.



UK Premiere

Leandro HBL and Wesley Pentz (DJ Diplo), 2008, 80 min, Documentary (Mr Catra and Deise Tigrona)

The baile funk is probably one of the most interesting musical movements in the world, but it comes from one of the most violent and poorest places as well: the slums of Rio de Janeiro (favelas). This music is the personalization of those raw elements.


***19th SATURDAY***

SMOKING I WAIT (U) 1PM + Q&A with director Adriana Dutra.

(Fumando Espero) UK Premiere

Adriana L. Dutra, 2008, 86min, Documentary (Ney Latorraca and Carla Camurati)

In her attempt to quit her addiction, a smoker decides to study the subject and produce a documentary where she will show her worries and the different aspects of what is considered the most lethal industry of the twentieth century.


UK Premiere

Renata Pinheiro, 2008, 17min, Fiction (Everaldo Pontes)

The ornamentation in the ruin, the dark in the clear, the silence in the voice, the imobillity in the action.



(Palavra (En) Cantada) UK Premiere

Helena Solberg, 2008, 86min, Documentary (Adriana Calcanhotto and Chico Buarque)

This documentary travels within Brazil's musical history, analyzing the relationship between poetry and music. Enchanted Word guides us on this journey through a series of testimonies from prominent names of Brazilian culture, until we arrive at the present day.


(Domingo de Páscoa) UK Premiere

Pedro Amorim, 2008, 15min, Fiction (Jayme Del Cueto and Caio Junqueira)

A doctor searches for answers. A young mother works the streets. A corrupt cop struggles to make ends meet. A homeless girl juggles for spare change. It's the night before Easter Sunday, and on Copacabana beach anything can happen.



(Antes que o mundo acabe) UK Premiere

Ana Luiza Azevedo, 2009, 89min, Fiction (Pedro Tergolina and Eduardo Cardoso)

Daniel is a 15-year-old boy who lives immersed in his own private world, with problems that seem to be insoluble: an uncertain girlfriend, a friend who is being accused of theft and a small city that must be left behind.


UK Premiere

Clovis Mello, 2008, 15min, Drama (Marilia Medina and Ricardo Petraglia)

Maria Helena throws her husband a box of Viagra. Horacio is appalled when he sees how long the list of side effects are, everything from a headache to possible blindness, but she wants to have sex at any cost.



UK Premiere

Maurício Farias, 2008, 90min, Drama (Andréa Beltrão and Marco Ricca)

Veronica is a public school teacher and is going through difficult times. She is divorced from a policeman who still loves her. Everything changes when one of her students is left at school outside school hours.



UK Premiere

Paulo Henrique Fontenelle, 2008, 120min, Documentary (Tom Zé and Arnaldo Baptista)

Biopic of musician Arnaldo Baptista, ex-member of the Mutantes, told through the strokes of a painting done by the artist himself. The spectator is brought into his life through historical images that show the most important moments of his career.

***20th SUNDAY***

THAT´S IT (12A) 12.30PM

(Apenas o Fim) UK Premiere

Matheus Souza, 2008, 80 min, Comedy (Erika Mader and Gregório Duvivier)

A girl decides to leave her boyfriend and run away to an unknown destination. Before leaving, she decides to meet him, and they have only an hour to take a fun look at their lives.


(Dona Custodia) UK Premiere

Adriana de Andrade, 2007, 13min, Drama (Dina Brandão and Dimer Monteiro)

Based on a short story of the same name by Fernando Sabino, this short film narrates the story of a lonely writer who has his routine changed by the presence of his new housekeeper: Dona Custódia.


THE CHILDREN´S ORCHESTRA (12A) 2.25PM + Q&A with actor Murilo Rosa

(Orquestra Dos Meninos)

Paulo Thiago, 2008, 95min, Drama (Murilo Rosa and Priscila Fantin)

Mozart Viera creates a children's woodwind orchestra in the Northeastern region of Brazil so they can play music. Local leaders try to demoralize the Foundation and finally it ends. The reaction of artists and the Church helps end the judicial proceedings.


ALICE (U) 4.20PM

UK Premiere

Rafael Gomes, 2005, 15min, Fiction (Rafael Alves Pinto and Simone Spoladore)

Unable to meet in the city, Alice and Alex embark on an emotional journey of love and loss.


IN THERAPY (15) + Q&A with producer Iafa Britz

(Divã) UK Premiere

José Alvarenga Jr., 2009, 93 min, Comedy (Lília Cabral and José Mayer)

Mercedes is a middle-aged woman dealing with the challenges of modern life. She decides to start visiting a therapist: what starts out as simple curiosity becomes a devastating experience, leading to a series of changes in her life.



LAST STOP 174 (18) 7PM + Q&A with director Bruno Barreto

(Última Parada 174) Hors concurs

Bruno Barreto, 2008, 110min, Drama (Michael Gomes and Cris Vianna)

Last Stop 174 recounts the story of Sandro do Nascimento, a young man who loved to rap. After witnessing the murder of his mother, Sandro ends up living on the streets. The stories intertwine and culminate in the episode of bus line 174.



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I Cine Fest Brasil-London

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with support from the Brazilian Embassy in London.