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Here's an Inconvenient Truth: Arctic Ice Shrinks 14% in one year

"I think we have a very brief window of opportunity to deal with climate change, no longer than a decade at the most."
James Hansen, NASA Scientist

an inconvenient truthThe NASA satellite results reported yesterday read like the opening exposition of an epic disaster movie. Arctic 'perennial ice' (thick ice that remains frozen all year round) shrunk, between 2004 and 2005, by 14%. In previous years the shrinkage has been closer to 0.7%. That's an increase in the rate of Arctic perrenial ice shrinkage of 1800% in one year.

The documentary of Al Gore's almighty mission to alert the world to the urgency of climate change, An Inconvenient Truth  couldn't have come to the UK soon enough. It's like a horror film that for some will be too scary and realistic for comfort, depicting an unknown terror threat that could destroy not just buildings but entire cities and countries. Opening this weekend on a limited release across the UK, before expansion over the coming month, the film appears to pull no punches in examining the consequences of inaction.

Having received universally glowing write-ups on its release in the US  (on review tracking site RottenTomatoes the film received 109 positive reviews with no negative reviews), An Inconvenient Truth is already the third highest grossing documentary of all time there. Al Gore, wife Tipper and production company Partizan have promised to give any profits earned from this and an accompanying book, to the Alliance for Climate Protection Climate Crisis organisation.


Indian Filmmakers Gain UK Environment Fellowships


Films To Air on Discovery Channel & Wildscreen Festival

Wildscreen uses the caterpillar to encapsulate the great beauty and vulnerability of many of the world's fauna and floraSeven Indian wildlife documentary filmmakers have been awarded British Environment Film Fellowships for 2006. The fellowships, worth Rs 600,000 each,  have been awarded to Sonya V Kapoor, Himanshu Malhotra, Jay Mazoomdar, Gurmeet Sapal, Kalpana Subramanian, Ashima Narain and Balan for film work towards checking wildlife crimes.


Hundreds View India Dam Row Film


Aamir Khan, star of the film, will not withdraw remarks he made about the dam projectMovie-goers have been packing a theatre in western India to see a film kept off screens amid protests over criticism of a dam project by its star, Aamir Khan. The cinema, in Jamnagar, Gujarat, is guarded by armed police for screenings of Fanaa. Other cinema owners have refused to show the film, fearing protests.