Music Video Briefs With Budgets - RadarMusicVideos comes out of development

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RadarMusicVideos is a fast growing network which introduces directors worldwide to music video commissioners and promoters. The site has just come out of development, with a new look and already over 4,000 members worldwide.

Major labels, independent labels and management companies use the site to post briefs and scout for directors. Recent commissions include Fatboy Slim and Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip.
Most briefs commission a director from the network, to date over 200 briefs have been posted and over 100 commissions have been made using the site. All briefs have budgets, which range from around £100/$160 to £5000/$8000.

The site helps smaller and larger players address some of the tricky problems of promotion too. Videos linked to Radar are considered for the Radar Showcase which feeds into the BBC Film Network, London's much loved Short and Sweet events and The Hospital Club media. Other heavyweight screening outlets are in the pipeline.

Caroline Bottomley, founder and CEO said "Music videos are an essential tool for any band promoting themselves online. Radar is a simple, scalable solution which strips out the barrier between directors and commissioners which exists in traditional commissioning. Any director with access to the internet can use Radar to access real, budgeted music video briefs and submit treatments, which is incredibly exciting. Directors have been commissioned from all over the world - UK, US, Romania, Sweden, Guatemala, China and many, many other places."

Director membership costs £3.99, c$5.99, €4.59 a month. There are no hidden charges and directors can opt in and out as they like.

Here's a few of Radar's many testimonials...
"My experience with Radar has been great! It gives me the chance to get worldwide commissions. It's a totally different approach to production, with freedom to work in a totally independent style, just the way I like it!" Danxzen, Director

"Radar Music Videos provided me with amazing opportunities which have raised my profile as a director to dizzying heights and brought in some high profile clients. Thank you!" Kenny Frankland, Director

...And a link to a recent Reuters interview with Radar CEO Caroline Bottomley and Video Commissioner at Mercury Records, Dan Curwin.

Come and join us! Everyone is welcome :)



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