Cries for Peace, new film scheme seeks your messages of reconcilliation

 This in from Enakeno Ogbo at Spiraluniverse - thanks! 

As part of the Week of Peace 2008, Spiraluniverse are seeking entries on the topic of peace as a response to recent news and media highlights of violence and the fear of crime, particualry amongst young people .

It aims to be a positive response to the far too many unfortunate stories in the media about young people and crime, particulalry violent crime leading to fatalities. Regardless of the news, we believe that there are many many positive young people and community members who are able and want to express their concern and interest for the community safety and peace.

The ‘Cries for Peace’ film and photography competition is a way to capture and profile these voices and views. With this in mind, people are invited to send in short film (less than 90 secs) and still photographs submissions on the subject of peace.

The winner will receive a prestigious a London Peace Award and monetary prize and there are a number of opportunities and prizes for the runner ups.

The deadline for submissions is 8 August 2008, application forms and further information can be downloaded from Download PDF.pdf criesforpeace (589.36 Kb)

The Week of Peace is a week long community event which promotes peace and community safety. The Cries for Peace competition is being launched this year to promote and profile a message of celebration, collaboration and reconcilation.  Organised by Spiraluniverse as Part of the London Week of Peace 2008 and supported by the Home Office, the Metropolitan Police, Greater London Authority, Bluhalo Design Agency, Open Soho, Metropolitan Black Police Association, Choice FM, London Civic Forum, Revolution PR and others.


What is it about?

26 teenagers died a violent death in London last year, and our daily papers continue to be filled with stories of gun and knife related crime. The authorities agree that there are real issues of youth crime and anti-social behaviour in our communities. However, the vast majority of young people and individuals are lawful and peace loving and this competition aims to encourage people everywhere to contribute to promoting peace. It uses the power of social media to promote an awareness of peace as well as unite people from various cultures, ages and walks of life in a shared positive experience


Who is behind the competition?

The Cries for Peace competition has been developed by Spiraluniverse, an online community website, as part of the London Week of Peace. Led by Rev Nims Obunge MBE, the Peace Alliance is the lead partner behind the London Week of Peace. Cries for Peace is also working closely with partners from various organizations including the Home Office, Metropolitan Black Police Association, Open Soho, Bluhalo, Choice FM, the GLA, London Civic Forum, the Community Safety Advisory Service and the Metropolitan Police.


How you can get involved

You can shoot a 90 second film promoting peace in London using your mobile phone, digital camera or camcorder, then upload it on Facebook, You Tube or MySpace. Alternatively, you can take a photograph of peace in the community. Submissions open on the 8th of June deadline for submissions is the 8th of August. You can download an application form now and start thinking about your film or photograph.

(NB - image at top from Tasmania's Life on the Edge blog, hyperlinked, without permission. The rest is from the website of spiraluniverse)


Why are you doing this?

The Cries for Peace competition is giving people an opportunity to express their concern at current levels of violence in the capital through film and photography.

Can you explain the theme?

Peace means differrent things to differrent people. We want to capture what it means to you

What are the prizes?

The winner will receive a London Peace Awards and a monetary prize, other prizes include mobile phones and digital cameras

What is the London Week of Peace?

The London Week of Peace is an annual event which aims to promote and profile peace in London more

How do I get in touch for more help?

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our 24 hour answerphone

Why must I complete an application form?

The Application Form tells us more about you and your entry and confirms that you have agreed to our terms and conditions. Films and photographs entered without a completed application form will not be accepted

Can we enter as a group?

Yes you can

One of our group members is below 12 years, can we still enter?

Yes you can, but do not name the person below 12 as a member of the group

What kind of films are you looking for?

Anything from documentary to action, animation to comedy and more. See our guide for more information

How long should my film be?

Your film must be no more than 90 seconds

I have got a positve message, but I am no good at filming, what can I do?

The message is the most important part of the competition, but if you want to make your entry more professional, feel free to look on our resource page for links and information that will help you

Can I use a mobile phone to film?

Yes you can, we expect most of our entries to be filmed using mobile phones

When should I start making my film?

You should start making your film now as it may take some time to get it as perfect as you want it.

Why would my film not be accepted?

If it is of poor quality or more than 90 secs or submitted without an application form, we will not accept your film. Also is the content does not meet our terms and conditions, your application will be rejected.

What kind of photographs are you looking for?

We want you to use a photograph to tell us what peace means to you, or to express your concern at violence.