Help save an important part of cinema history!

Written by Laurence Boyce on . Posted in Film

Whilst the recent history of modern cinema and filmmaking has been dominated by new technologies and innovative ways of production and distribution, filmmakers are still making productive use of more archaic modes of technology. Filmmaking collectives such as EXP24 celebrate the sheer physicality of actual celluloid whilst the artistic aesthetics of such people as the artist / filmmaker Ben Rivers have are in a large part supported by the medium on which the film is made.

Unfortunately Eastman Kodak have decided to discontinue 7265 Black & White Reversal and 7231 Black & White Negative camera stocks. As a petition to save the stock states:

"7265 and 7231 are valuable tools used by the independent filmmaking community and educators across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Shooting on 7265 and 7231 offers students and independent filmmakers the aesthetic beauty of a low speed black & white camera stock at a lower cost compared to color. When pull processed, 7231 has a wider dynamic range and finer grain, making it a remarkably versatile stock for outdoor shooting in high contrast situations."

So, if you want to keep diversity if filmmaking, go to the petition below and show your support:

And please pass on the plea to anyone else you know!