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DFG FilmsA call for submissions from emerging documentary makers has gone out from DFG Films in partnership with Film London and ITV London. Reel London offers filmmakers an opportunity to produce diverse and distinctive films using the documentary medium in new and innovative ways, and have them broadcast on terrestrial television, mid week, in a pre-watershed slot.


Film LondonDFG are looking for strong story-lines and thought provoking ideas, with richness and diversity in content and portrayal, that would make an absorbing half-hour documentary film. The documentaries will be transmitted on ITV London in September 2006.


The films must be shot in London and there will be close guidance and support throughout the production process. A short intensive training programme will be attached to the scheme. It is obligatory that all selected filmmakers take part in this programme.

UK Film Council

Three films will be commissioned and the applications deadline is 5pm, Friday 17th March 2006


For application guidelines and to download an application form, go to and click on Reel London


These will be innovative films made with limited resources on a tight schedule. DFG expect that the directors who complete these films will progress to directing other films for UK broadcasters and for other platforms.

There are two distinct categories for the commissioning of films:

When making your application, please select the appropriate category.

Category 2 is aimed at film and video artists, working in the context of contemporary moving image practice, who produce work with strong narrative elements which will appeal to a mainstream television audience.

DFG Films are looking to commission three films in total: two films in Category 1 and one film in Category 2.


There are no set themes for the commissions. DFG will be looking for authored work by emerging documentary directors.

DFG offer some pointers to help anyone putting together an application. This is not an exhaustive list, but it will give you an idea of the kind of things DFG may be looking for:...

DGG say they welcome the use of humour and irreverence in proposal films. They would also like to hear from individuals with ideas that challenge the boundaries of the documentary form.

DFG Films aims to produce programming of quality, style and good content, ready to engage a demanding, uncompromising and diverse audience.


A panel comprised of representatives from DFG Films, Film London and ITV London will make their decision on the basis of these criteria:

The decision of the panel is final. DFG Films cannot enter into any communication regarding unsuccessful applications.



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