Suzie Templeton’s Oscar-winning PETER & THE WOLF now available online

Written by Lauren Archer on . Posted in Animation

"It’s a wolf eat duck world. But it’s a world where little boys can find extraordinary courage and catch the wolf!"

Content Republic are pleased to announce that BREAKTHRU
FILMS’ OSCAR® WINNER PETER & THE WOLF is now available to watch online.

Peter & the Wolf, produced by BreakThru Films, is the animated film version of Prokofiev’s classic work directed by an extraordinary new animation talent, Suzie Templeton and set to a special new recording by the Philharmonia Orchestra.
Prokofiev’s story has resonated deeply with over five generations of children worldwide, enchanted by its power and sense of fun. This new film re-works Prokofiev’s popular tale, giving it some 21st century twists and an environmental theme, whilst staying true to the original story.

Peter, a young orphan, lives in a fortified cottage on the edge of a deep Russian forest, guarded by his over-protective Grandfather. Isolated from those who live in the town and ignored by the local children, Peter’s only friends are his pet Duck and a mischievous Bird, who entice him to seek adventure outside the walls of the cottage.  Despite his Grandfather forbidding Peter from going beyond the boundary walls, Peter’s curiosity gets the better of him.  Stealing the keys, he bursts out into the wild forest to explore.

The film is now available for download from iTunes at £1.49 from iTunes. A preview clip of the film is below:

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