Pioneers in Online Screening Rooms for film festivals and filmmakers

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The most innovative online movie studio for the entertainment industry, Studio Beyond ( has today announced the launch of their online screening service. This service is making its mark on the film festivals and film makers around the world.

The long Film Maker's road of burning the DVD, posting the DVD, hoping it arrives and waiting for a reply is changing!The Festival Organizer's lengthy processes from callouts, receiving hoards of DVDs through to the final award decisions is also changing! Through Studio Beyond ( filmmakers and sales agents are now submitting online screeners to film festivals. Festival Organizers and judges are receivingscreenings in their own private, built-in screening room equipped with the multi-media player and are making decisions instantly. Facilitating instant communications between filmmakers, festivals organizers and judges is being welcomed.Festival directors are gaining direct access to press members by organizing online press attendance at the online screenings of their selected movies. It is all here and now, and is happening as we speak.

However, if that isn't enough for all the avid industry patriots, it may be of particular interest to our film festival organizers, who have not yet had a tour of the Online Studios, that not only are you provided a private online studio office, you also have a set of management tools for sending screening invitations to non SB members, opening' Calls for Entries', receiving press kits, stills, trailers, photos, read bios, synopses, and the like.

Studio Beyond's founder and CEO Jasmin Prosser said, "We are introducing a new cutting-edge online broadcasting platform, which enhances the co-ordination of submissions to festivals.This platform is a simple, yet effective way for film festivals to more easily receive and manage online screeners, for film makers to submit their screenings, for judges to assimilate and decide, and for all other industry contributors to become involved throughout these processes. All taking place within private online studio offices.

The Studio Beyond screening service has politely edged its way into the one of the industry's most multifaceted processes and the movie industry is taking note. We asked Jasmin Prosser for a hint as to the available tools 'waiting in the wings' for members of this platform, she said, "we have a diverse range of integrated features which enables film festivals to receive and manage online screenings and the judging process before, during, and after the screening as well as instant communication tools. There is a discussion forum in each studio office for Film makers and Film Festivals to exchange their views. The screening room even includes a survey function that movie buyers can use to assess the likely value of a film's theatrical release in foreign territories.

The online screening service comes on the heels of Studio Beyond's release of its unique online studio office system that affords movie makers a fully-integrated business platform to utilise.

Studio Beyond is on the move and it is a space to not just watch, but a studio space to occupy and experience!


Media presentations are available to demonstrate how Studio Beyond's online office will benefit film festivals.