Roxy’s Extraordinary Film Season

Over the past four years Roxy has screened over 1000 films, from recent releases to classics and cult favourites all at ‘probably the coolest cinema venue in London, if not the UK'!

Coming up soon is the very special 10 week season of 40 ‘extraordinary' feature films with guest speakers, live rescores and much more. Not just the usual classics, but a selection of movies from around the world that have pushed the boundaries of filmmaking, from the landmark to the innovative, the controversial to the ground-breaking.

Highlights of Roxy's Extraordinary Film Season range from a double-bill of The Wizard of Oz and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert to a rare screening of 7 hour arthouse epic Sátántangó, a double-bill of Alan Clarke's original Elephant with Van Sant's more recent Elephant, plus the likes of The Blues Brothers, Stalker, Akira, El Topo, Boiling Point and many many more!

Look out too for specially commissioned live rescores for Murnau's The Last Laugh, Keaton's The General, and The Colour of Pomegranates, a jazz improvised score to the Czech surrealist classic Daisies, and an electronic rescore of The Last Man on Earth, starring Vincent Price playing in a double-bill with Night of the Living Dead!

All films will be introduced by guest speakers, including actors Jenny Agutter, Murray Melvin and Ingrid Pitt, critics Peter Bradshaw, Jonathan Romney and directors Peter Weber, Patrick Keiller, John Maybury and Andrew Kötting.

Dates from Sunday 4th April to Tuesday 8th June.

Sunday 4th April, starts 6pm

Two all-time favourite camp classics compered by drag act Thom Shaw.

The Wizard of Oz (Fleming 1939)

+ The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Elliott 1994)

£5 entry


Sunday 11th April, starts 7pm

A double-bill form classic New York underground filmmaker Abel Ferrara, with introduction from film critic Peter Bradshaw.

The Addiction (Ferrara 1995)

+ The Funeral (Ferrara 1996)

£5 entry


Monday 12th April, starts 7pm

Two classic groundbreaking British films with introduction and Q&A from actor Murray Melvin.

Taste of Honey (Richardson 1961)

+ The Devils (Russell 1971)

£5 entry


Sunday 18th April, starts 2pm

The 7 hour arthouse classic (screening with 2 intermissions!) with introduction from film critic Jonathan Romney.

Sátántangó (Tarr 1994)

£3 entry


Sunday 25th April, starts 6pm

A double-bill from two of the most provocative filmmakers in recent years, here working within the influential Dogme 95 movement.  Introduced by film critic Tom Huddleston.

The Idiots (Von Trier 1998)

+ Julien, Donkey Boy (Korine 1999)

£5 entry


Monday 26th April, starts 8pm

A milestone in mainstream queer cinema, with esteemed editor Mick Audsley in conversation.

My Beautiful Laundrette (Frears 1985)

£3 entry


Sunday 2nd May, starts 7pm

Two classics of the silent comedy era, with a live performance of a rescore to The General from Seb Genovese and introduction from writer Kevin Brownlow.

The General (Bruckman / Keaton 1926)

+ City Lights (Chaplin 1931)

£5 entry


Monday 3rd May, starts 8pm

The original cult classic, with documentary filmmaker Andy Kimpton-Nye in conversation with special guest actress Ingrid Pitt!

The Wicker Man (Hardy 1973)

£3 entry


Tuesday 4th May, starts 8pm

The stunning, magical masterpiece from Jean Cocteau with an introduction by film director Peter Webber.

Orphée (Cocteau 1950)

£3 entry


Wednesday 5th May, starts 7pm

The massively influential, acclaimed documentary from Errol Morris, with introduction by writer / programmer Jason Wood + a documentary on Philip Glass and a live performance of Glass's The Metamorphosis for Piano, featured in The Thin Blue Line.

The Thin Blue Line (Morris 1988)

+ Philip Glass - Looking Glass (Darmon 2005)

£5 entry


Sunday 9th May, starts 6pm

Godard's classic Nouvelle Vague masterpiece, doubled with Preminger's influential Bonjour Tristesse, introduced by filmmaker Jamie Thraves.

Bonjour Tristesse (Preminger 1958)

+ Breathless (À Bout de Soufflé) (Godard 1960)

£5 entry


Monday 10th May, starts 7:30pm

A herd of Elephants today, with Alan Clarke's movie about killings in Northern Ireland, a direct influence on Van Sant's critically acclaimed award-winning movie about high-school killings.

Elephant (Alan Clarke 1989)

+ Elephant (Van Sant 2003)

£5 entry


Tuesday 11th May, starts 7:30pm

A peculiarly British classic documentary tonight, introduced by filmmaker Andrew Kötting, who will also be showing some of his own work.

The Moon and the Sledgehammer (Trevelyan 1971)

£3 entry


Sunday 16th May, starts 6pm

Two masterpieces of unconventional narrative cinema, 40 years apart.  With introduction and discussion from Daniel Frampton as part of the Filmosophy events

Memento (Nolan 2000)

+ Last Year at Marienbad (L'année dernière à Marienbad)  (Resnais 1961)

£5 entry


Monday 17th May, starts 7:30pm

The phenomenal, beautiful and massively influential Georgian movie, with a live rescore performed by Kieron Maguire and friends, plus introduction from director John Maybury.

The Colour of Pomegranates (Parajanov 1968)

£5 entry


Tuesday 18th May, starts 7pm

A fabulous documentary from Patrick Keiller who will be present to introduce the film and take part in a Q&A + installation piece from audiovisual artists The Light Surgeons.

London (Keiller 1994)

£5 entry


Sunday 23rd May, starts 6pm

Classic horror double bill with George A. Romero's zombie classic, followed by what was considered to be a major influence for Romero, The Last Man On Earth, starring Vincent Price and with a live rescore performed by the brilliant band Animat.

Night of the Living Dead (Romero 1968)

+ The Last Man on Earth (Ragona 1964)

£5 entry


Monday 24th May, starts 7:30pm

The great 70's sci-fi movie with documentary filmmaker Andy Kimpton-Nye hosting a Q&A with very special guest Jenny Agutter.

Logan's Run (Anderson 1976)

£5 entry


Sunday 30th May, starts 2pm

Our ‘Gun-Fu' day with a treble bill of classic Hong Kong action movies with film writer Alex Fitch and Resonance FM presenter Zoe Fitch introducing.

Enter the Dragon (Clouse 1973)

+ Boiling Point (Takeshi Kitano 1990)

+ Hard Boiled (John Woo 1992)

£5 entry


Monday 31st May, starts 7:30pm

The classic Russian arthouse / sci-fi movie from Andrei Tarkovsky, with introduction and discussion from Daniel Frampton as part of the Filmosophy events.

Stalker (Tarkovsky 1979)

£3 entry


Tuesday 1st June, starts 7:30pm

The hugely influential, groundbreaking Anime movie, plus shorts and special guests TBC.

Akira (Ôtomo 1988)

£5 entry


Saturday 5th June, starts 7:30pm

Our favourite extraordinary movie with more musicians and car crashes than you can shake a stick at.  Plus live music from a soul band and a special live performance from the fabulous audiovisual mixmasters Eclectic Method!

Blues Brothers (Landis 1980)

£5 entry


Sunday 6th June, starts 6pm

Two films released a year apart that pushed the boundaries of the Western genre, introduced by film writer Ben Cobb.

Straw Dogs (Peckinpah 1971)

+ El Topo (Jodorowsky 1970)

£5 entry


Monday 7th June, starts 8pm

Fabulous, entertaining Czech surrealist film, with a live jazz improv score from band Monkey Say Monkey Do, and introduced by Electric Sheep magazine editor Virginie Sélavy.

Daisies (Chytilová 1966)

£5 entry


Tuesday 8th June, starts 8pm

F.W. Murnau's groundbreaking early movie, with a live rescore from House of McCarrick and introduced by film writer Alex Fitch.

The Last Laugh (Murnau 1924)

£5 entry




0 # RE: Roxy’s Extraordinary Film SeasonGuest 2010-03-23 14:11
Re: the Takeshi Kitano film Boiling Point showing on May 30th, Kitano is a Japanese director/actor, not Korean.

Just thought I should mention it.
0 # The Roxy do some great work!Helen 2010-03-23 18:04
I remember reading about this elsewhere must remember to book some tickets! :)