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Now available to buy on DVD, September remains one of the most affecting and beautiful British short films of the past few years. The film beat off stiff competition from the likes Sam Taylor Wood’s passionate and impressive Love You More to walk away with the 2009 BAFTA Award for Best Short Film (Live Action) to add to its numerous other awards and accolades.

The film tells the story of Marvin, a man gradually seeing his life erode as he toils away at a motorway service station. But a chance encounter means his outlook on life begins to change and a life of flipping burgers and unfulfilled dreams seems to become more remote by the second.

This is a tender and beautiful film that finds magic in the roar of the motorway, the sparseness of the lay-bys and the loneliness of the road. Yet it’s never feels twee or contrived: there’s a sense of wonder and hope for a future that, whilst it may never come, at least exists as potential. Campbell’s direction is subtle yet full of passion and is bolstered by Zac Nicholson’s superb cinematography, which evokes hazy days of summer and have remembered dreams and memories. Nichoclas Aaron gives a superb performance as Marvin, whilst the rest of the cast – especially Georgia Henderson as a mysterious girl – are more than admirable.

The atmosphere in September is also created by the superb soundtrack, included as a seperate CD as part of this limited edition. Featuring songs from the film and those inspired by it, the likes of A Hawk And A Handsaw provide an ambient and moving soundscape that works just as well on its own as it does with the film. And, if that's not enough, can also find booklet of recipes that can be made from roadside foraged food.

It’s a brilliant limited edition package and a great opportunity to support not only a remarkable short but some of our brightest home-grown talent.

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