ANNA PAQUIN - Girl With The X-factor

Written by Stawberry Saroyan on . Posted in actor

Anna Paquin with Halle Berry in X-men: The Last StandAnna Paquin had a high-profile career as a child star, when at eleven she was the second youngest child ever to have an Oscar awarded, for her performance in The Piano (1993). Unlike some child stars she retained and built on that early promise to develop a career as an actor. Now 24, her very latest movie X-Men: The Last Stand has just opened.


In person, Paquin could be any attractive but otherwise nondescript young woman; on screen she is magnetic. One reviewer noted that in The Piano she had a presence rare in an actor of any age. And yet, surprisingly, it's only recently that she has realised acting is for her.

Whether or not she was certain about acting, Paquin has worked almost non-stop since her debut. After The Piano, she acted in films that she and her parents, both teachers, agreed were of value. 'They were, like, "Well, if it's something really amazing, you can do it. If it's not, then it's not worth you missing your childhood and school and being with your friends for.'''