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London Cinematic Composers - provides downloadable music samples, and a comprehensive guide to the scoring of music to film.

Primary Elements is a digital music licensing resource specializing in the worldwide licensing of music and musical ambiences to the interactive, corporate, film, advertising and video markets, among many others.

Cinema Sounds - WYSU-FM radio program playing new and classic movie music. Includes audio archives.

Divx Soundtrack Festival - dedicated to soundtrack music.

Fascinating World of Film Music, The

Film Music of the 1980s

Film Music on the Web - composer profiles, articles, monthly CD reviews.

Fistful of Soundtracks, A - online version of KZSC-FM's film-music radio show. Features reviews and links.

Free Library - aimed at helping both composers and independent filmmakers create professional scores for films of all kinds. Composers submit work that filmmakers can use for free, and the service can also introduce composers to filmmakers who are looking to commission original work.

George Wastor's Film Music Page - with the history of music in silent and early sound films.

He Made Film Noir Sing - In memory of Miklos Rozsa, who wrote the scores for classics like Double Indemnity, The Killers, Spellbounds, and several others.

Musical Score - regarding motion picture musical scores with lists, reviews, news, and more.

My Soundtracks

New York FILMharmonic Orchestra - dedicated to the cultivation and live performance of film music.

On Air: Movie Themes - in RealAudio.

Phil's Famous Movie and TV Music Themes - in Midi Format.

Soundtrack Cinema - features scores from the latest films as well as tributes to composers.

Synchronicity Arkive - matches between music and movies that transcend coincidence. A visual tour de force.

Copyright © Netribution Ltd 1999-2002
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Copyright © Netribution Ltd 1999-2002
searchhomeabout usprivacy policy