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Filmmaking Help

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uk & international funding guide
o sunrise and sunset times for scheduling
o a virtual film school with our how to filmmaking guides
o read and submit free ads for crewing, funding and equipment needs Independent Filmmaker's Resource - Cited by Indiewire as one most useful on-line career resources for filmmakers looking to use the Internet to further their projects--at ALL stages of the filmmaking process.

BBC Northern Ireland Drama - all the latest commissioning information for writers, producers and directors - about television drama series and serials, the Tony Doyle writers' bursary, feature films, short films and radio drama.

Penultimate Films and Features Ltd UK low budget film maker specialising in black comedy. Hints and tips for low budget film makers.

Afect 16mm Filmmaker Course - 16 mm, part time, practical filmmaking course. Duration 2 years with optional third. Details on the site.

Film Secrets - with information on Super 8 and guerilla filmmaking.

Alex Epstein's Talent/Agent List - a database of bankable stars.

Auteur - free filmmakers newsletter delivered via e-mail.

Cinema: How are Hollywood Films Made? - Annenberg/CPB Project presents the moviemaking process with modules on screenwriting, directing, producing, acting, and editing.

Cyber Film School - dedicated to the process of making movies.


eXposure: The Internet Resource for Young Film-makers - articles and information for those people dumb or brave enough to pick up a camera and shout "Action!"

Film Studio Faux - an alternative learning guide to filmmaking. - Film & TV Connection: an entertainment industry school with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major film studios, video production companies, radio and TV stations, recording studios and record labels.

Film Underground - practical and technical resource for professional independent filmmakers working with 16mm and 35mm film and digital video.

Filmmaker Magazine The Film Maker's Pages - contains articles, links, files, discussion areas, live chat and other resources for filmmakers.

Filmsmith - breaking into Hollywood the old-fashioned way.

For The Love Of It - dedicated to the filmmaker in us all.

Hollywood! - with advice on getting your career started, info on the Singapore film industry, and bios of movie pioneers.

Jade Ring Pictures - source for upcoming filmmakers to showcase their work. Includes works by promising young directors of all types including feature and short filmmakers, animators, aspiring music video and commercial directors, as well as experimental filmmakers.

Metamorphosis - In Extremis Images production company presents thoughts on cinematographic adaptation of theatrical works. Tracks the production of Nô, by Robert Lepage.

Motion-Picture Industry: Behind-the-Scenes - take the simulated challenge of making your own movie and learn more about the action behind the camera.

Online Communicator, The - video, film, audio, and multimedia professionals. Voice samples, scriptwriting software reviews, user participation pages, and more!

Reel News for Filmakers

Robert Rodriguez's 10-minute Film School

Scene 1: Enter Future Filmmaker - a Thinkquest project about the history and processes of filmmaking.

Small Movies - dedicated to the art and craft of making cinema; the equipment, methods, and techniques.

THRAE Entertainment - providing information, tips, tricks, and how-to techniques for no-budget filmmakers, as well as offering a place to promote finished work.

Video for Film Release - covers technical aspects and lists facilities.

Wide Angle/Closeup - interviews with noted filmmakers and craftspeople from virtually all areas of motion picture production, offering insights into the filmmaking process.

The Wire Factory - An online resources site for low/no budget filmmakers around the world,
with monthly Articles, Spotlights, and Screenings.

FAQ - Sync Sound Q

Usenet - rec.arts.movies.production - filmmaking, amateur and professional.

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Copyright © Netribution Ltd 1999-2002
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