Interview and photos by Tom Fogg

This is now my third interview with Stanley Forman but the second for Netribution and it deliberately coincides with the ETV/Stanley Forman season at the NFT that begins on Tuesday 2nd of May at 6:15pm. He is, by far the most interesting filmmaker that I have interviewed and indeed, ever met. Perhaps its to do with his political leaning that will always clash with our capitalist environment, also because he is 78 years old and I feel like I’m sitting on his knee when he talks but mainly because he is has been intrepid in his search for quality documentary material that he feels passionate about. He reminds me of one of those Magnum photographers who have seen life going on in every distant land. If you get a chance, go to the first day of the season because you will be able to hear him speak and you’ll experience how much of a pleasure these interviews have been for me. If you can’t do Tuesday then go along to the repeat screening on Thursday (8:30pm) of the same week but which he can sadly not attend.

We’ve decided to cover the season over two weeks which means cutting the interview in two, partly to broaden its exposure and also because Stanley gave me his own views on the films he was involved in that are to be shown in the second week and third week as well. Included in the second week is a showing of a truly great piece of documentary filmmaking called ‘Companero which documents the life of the martyred Chilean folk musician, Victor Jara. Stanley has some very strong views on this subject through the researching and filming of the piece, its a must see for any contemporary / aspiring documentary maker and has only been rarely broadcast, if at all. At the end of the interview I’ve included some extracts written by John Riley from the BFI information on the films to be shown in the first week.

Again, if you are interested in political or historical documentary or simply need left wing footage then ETV on Upper St in Islington, London is the place for you. Every bit of wall space in the office displays miles of stock on practically every level of Communist political activity, the shelves visibly strain to contain it. Not only that, Stanley has a mint condition widescreen Steenbeck to view it on!


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