to the aretifistic whale vet who can't sleep right now

I would like to say:
when was the last time you gave antibiotics to a whale that had had no prior contact with humans and had swum to chelsea and was obviously a little stressed - and who doesn't get stressed in chelsea? when was the last time you did that? Never? Well why did you think now was the time to run an experiment? It's not like this whale shouldn't have had access to the best possible thinking.
that said som people do dumb things, it's not always our fault. i imagine tho, given he was hanging out with friends in the thames earlier in the week, from a kudos and street cred perspective, as far as whales go, this must rank as being a very cool way to go. first whale to make lead item on cnn?
bottom line tho, i won't buy meat that's ever been given antibiotics in its lifetime - that's organic - cos i don't want that in my system. which planet does this royal zoological society bassoon come from if he thinks antibiotics is anything but a last resort to an animal that is probably just being catatonic for a while.



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