This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then.

Links to one thousand film funds in 46 countries

In Europe last year there was €1.5bn in public funding for film & video projects - and its often the same people getting their hands on this cash.

Information on media finance in 46 countries

how to fund your film

One of the most popular parts of Netribution in 2000 was our film funding directory, updated over the years by a number of folks.

While there are some good free sites detailing funding sources like FilmFileEurope and Korda, these only cover Europe.

Since publishing our 480 page book on the subject of film finance we've been able to research and detail as many film funds around the world as we could find. And in line with our aim to help democratise the film industry, regardless of who you are or where you're from, here are some links and basic info (name of the fund award and size, where known) to the 1,000 or so awards from 400 organisations we found for the book.

It's the biggest collection of funding links I know of, and it's down to the painstaking work of a bunch of people, including Catherine Allen, who I worked with on this edition, and Caroline Hancock, Cyndee Barlass, Rachel Bibb and Stephen Salter in previous versions.

Keep in mind that this info was researched over a year ago, so much may have changed. If you want to get much fuller info on each fund, not to mention details of tax breaks and incentives for filmmakers in about 40 countries and a comprehensive guide to structuring multi-party finance, low budget techniques and tricks, using the web as a virtual film studio and navigating the industry, with dozens of interviews and case studies, then please buy a copy of our book. It will also help support us to keep this info up to date in the future.

Likewise if you're not a commercial organisation and want to republish some of this elsewhere, please credit this site and the book. Otherwise please ask first. 

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