What city and country was the Church bombed?

Thursday, March 19, 2009
To Whom it May Concern:

Please in what city and country was the Church bombed in the movie The Reader, where 300 Jewish Woman died.  Are the only survivors Ilana and Rose Mather?

Does anyone know if the name of her book is Memoir?  Is this book still in print?

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Sharon Corr



0 # ~Thank You, Nic~Sharon Corr 2009-03-21 17:19
Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello Nic,
I want to thank you for sending me such a compelling story, about your family, and your own personal feelings about war. My mother Sarah is here with me in Chicago, and we are reading your heartfelt letter, and have uploaded the “THE GOLDBERGER SAGA” SAGA OF THE LICHWIN CLAN OF GOLDBERGERS “Dr George Wistreich. Nic you’re a breath of fresh air, and I am grateful to have met your acquaintance. And most of all touched to the heart by your vibrant letter.

I am deeply moved by the poetry interlaced in your family’s history.
I would be honoured if you have the time to look at our links on the Holocaust. Sarah and I have learned that the Church we are searching for is in Poland. However we still do not know the name of the City in Poland.

If we are fortunate to find out the name of the City, and discover the name and location of the Church that was bombed, this is one of the missing links in the story of the Holocaust. Then the question needs to be answered: What military force from which country bombed the Church?

The reason my passion is on fire about this issue, as I mentioned I was in Israel last year. My mother’s friend Sarah told me a true story about how the four young girls slept outside the Church in the snow and survived. Sarah learned in the morning that most of the young women on the Death March from Auschwitz perished that horrible night. In Sarah’s own words, “It was a miracle that we survived”.

Why am I continuing to ask this vital question? I arrive home from Israel, view the movie, “The Reader”, and I am stunned once again by the story of the church. My goal is to tell my mothers true journey through the gates of hell. Her survival and true testimony. The Innocedent at the Church could be a movie!

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Nic, I am joyful that I could be the inspiration for you to rediscover your grandpa’s memoirs. The heroic journey of your great uncle and how he walked to the UK, and survived in the most brutal time in European history is a testimite to his will to live life! You have also shared a very rare story about “Eva”, and the “German Officer in SS uniform” who saved her life. I am thankful for your ability to inspire.

Best Regards,

Sharon Corr
0 # dhrGuest 2009-04-13 08:49
Im also want to know in wich city this Church has bombed. I belief that the country in Poland.
Im search on Internet but I can\'t find either the name of that book or memoir.

Is there anybody who knows the title of this book?