Testing Times

Come in come in. Is anyone there?

Just lost a whole page of data when I went to upload it. PHUT. gone, finito, marrungad, kaputo. I was logged in, but when the upload completed it told me I could not have access to that page without being registered and shuit me out! And my data went west, wasting a whiole precious hour of workYell

 Oh boy am, I not nice to know at the moment.....

 I have some other issues.

  • Why is it not possible to go to home page after upload?
  • Why does the upload page insist on trying to stop me going to any other page after I have uploaded something. It seems to want my company 100% all the time and I don't want a permanent rea;tionship with an upload page thank you.

Please tell it to go away and leave me alone, somebody.

Is this why it's called Beta testing, because there has to be a Beta way of doing it? Tee Hee.Wink

And so to bed....