The London Film Festival closes tonight with 127 Hours

canyonDanny Boyle's take on the true story of climber Aron Ralston, 127 Hours, will close the London Film Festival tonight.

The 127 hours in question entail the 5 days that Ralston spent in a crevice in Utah's Blue John Canyon. He had been climbing on his own and hadn't told anyone where he was going. When he falls and finds his arm trapped under a boulder, he has to make a terrrible choice in order to survive.




Special Edition # 42

Cor blimey governor, Special Edition # 42 is a massive one. Laurence Boyce has been watching a multitude of DVDs and the column includes numerous feature debuts, some great British features and THAT sci-fi show that is always mentioned in this column. Given it’s so big, better stop waffling on and get straight to it!

Whilst the phrase “A comedy about suicide bombers” would seem to be an exercise in Daily Mail baiting, it’s worth noting that Four Lions (Optimum Releasing) is satirical, poignant and timely. It’s also bloody funny. Chris Morris, in his feature film debut, knows that comedy can arise when you have a great group dynamic. It just so happens that this group dynamic comes from a bunch of people who want to be terrorists. In following the motley bunch of wannabe Northern jihadists, there are a group of excellently staged set-pieces (including a section at a Pakistani training camp in which our leads manage to do everything spectacularly wrong), a number of stand- out performances from the likes of Riz Ahmed and Nigel Lindsay who manage to make us sympathise with the group despite the terrible nature of their plans and line after line of tremendously funny material. Morris and crew have done meticulous research into the subject and the film never comes across as glib; indeed, the climax of the film is both disturbing and powerful and it provides much food for thought about the nature of fanaticism and the lengths that people will go to in order to belong. An example of brave and daring British filmmaking. The extras on the disc are notable as well: the deleted scenes throw up many treats whilst some of the behind-the-scenes stuff is fascinating when you get to see Morris at work. It’s just a shame that he ultimately decided that he didn’t want to put commentaries on there...



Millions of film makers can be heard over the Internet but who is listening to them?

From Sophie Le Brozec for

The unprecedented power of the Internet is threatening to bring down traditional barriers in the most closed industry in the world - the film industry.

The rules could well be changing in the film industry. Highly guarded personal connections and contacts could be fighting a losing battle with the speed and accessibility of vast online communities.

Suddenly the power in the game is shifting hands. As online film communities threaten to sweep control away from the traditional power holders, wise use of the new phenomenon can help movie-makers gain all the benefits of the internet. And whilst a multitude of new projects and talent can very quickly gain tremendous exposure, those same projects and talent can also serve as a valuable resource to sustain an industry that is undergoing rapid changes.


World Premiere of Sam Taylor-Wood's Nowhere Boy to close 53rd London Film Festival

The Closing Night Gala of The Times BFI 53rd London Film Festival will be the World Premiere of Ecosse Films' NOWHERE BOY, the highly anticipated debut feature from British artist Sam Taylor-Wood.

Imagine John Lennon's childhood... Liverpool 1955: a smart and troubled fifteen year-old is hungry for experience. In a family full of secrets, two incredible women clash over John. Mimi, the buttoned-up aunt who raised him and Julia, the prodigal mother. Yearning for a normal family, John escapes into rock n' roll. His fledgling genius finds a kindred spirit in the teenage Paul McCartney. Just as John begins his new life, tragedy strikes. But a resilient young man finds his voice - and an icon explodes into the world.


Joomla! License Guidelines

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If you want to distribute, copy or modify Joomla!, you are welcome to do so under the terms of the GNU General Public License. If you are unfamiliar with this license, you might want to read 'How To Apply These Terms To Your Program' and the 'GNU General Public License FAQ'.


Comfortable Stereotypes and an American Work Permit

It seems for British black actors to make their mark artistically and get meaty parts they have to migrate to television and film work in the USA. The roles they play across the pond seem to have more development and are more challenging with less chances of them being a one-dimensional stereotype as in the UK.

For example Eamonn Walker did the television rounds including a stint on ITV’s The Bill during the 80’s and then moved on to seminal US TV prison drama Oz and features such as The Lord of War and Unbreakable but how come a talent like him has been let go to US primetime television when he should be given more opportunities in Blighty? In fairness he has come back to the UK for highbrow British work such as a modern day adaptation of Othello with Christopher Eccleston which was well received but how come 10 years into the new century there still aren’t that many prominent roles for black actors on UK TV? We had the ascension of Richard Blackwood (promoted lazily like a modern day Lenny Henry) before his television career burned out by mediocre material (the writing for Ed Stone of Dead should have had more edge) and a lack of talent nurturing but if he went to America at his peak would his popularity be any different like ex Grange Hill child star, Sean Maguire who is doing the rounds as a journeyman actor?  I am sure the writers wouldn’t pigeonhole him to oblivion.


Learn to Write Articles That Maintain the Readers Interest

If you want to learn to write articles/master papers that maintain the interest of your readers you want to avoid wandering from the intended topic too often. Your article writing efforts should always focus on the subject or point you're trying to make to the reader. By deviating from the main topic you risk confusing and losing the reader while also making the writing process more difficult.

Let's face it writing articles can be challenging enough as it. By adding content that is meaningless to the reader you are also creating more work for yourself.

Effective writing skills should include trying to make your point using as few words as possible while keeping the reader's interest.

Let's look at 5 major advantages you gain when writing articles that are concise and don't stray from the intended point.

Increases Authors' Focus

By sticking to the subject or theme of the article the writer can maintain better focus and complete the composition quicker. Allowing yourself to ramble needlessly requires more time and effort to be invested into the article writing process.

Keep Reader Attention

The reader selected your article based upon a given point you made to attract them to the content either thru a snippet or headline. The more you deviate from that point the less interest the reader will maintain.

Prevents Long Rambling Articles

Concentrating on the central theme of the article helps prevent the author from going off on tangents of no interest to the reader. This focus thus allows the article subject matter to be presented in a more concise fashion.

Another benefit of a more concentrated focus when writing is there is less likelihood of important points or issues being forgotten and left out altogether.

Easier to Read, Easier to Complete

An article that sticks to the point is generally easier to read due to the content being consistent and therefore more flowing. With fewer distractions or diversions the readers' interest is held and the content is easier to understand.

Withheld Content = New Article

You know all those diversions and tangents you didn't take but wanted to when you were writing that last article? You can now use them to base a brand new and totally separate article on. More content means more articles which in turn translates into a greater circulation and increased exposure for you.

As you see when you learn to write articles using as few words as possible you automatically make your own article writing efforts easier. By focusing primarily on your intended subject you shorten the entire writing process by excluding any additional and useless content. Effective writing skills like this not only benefit the reader with more concise and interesting content but also save the writer extra time and effort. So remember the next time you sit down to write an article just focus on making your point. Your readers will be happier as will you with the time and effort you save.


Fantastic documentary about quiting smoking at I Cine Fest Brasil-London

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I Cine Fest Brasil London

17th to 20th September 2009 - Riverside Studios, Hammersmith

For the first time in London, the I Cine Fest Brasil is presenting 20 productions, comprising feature films, documentaries and short films, from a range of different genres including everything from blockbuster hits to talented-newcomer discoveries.

As part of this fantastic program we are highlighting the acclaimed documentary Smoking I Wait from director Adriana Dutra. Smoking I Wait is a film about the struggle and challenges of a person trying to quit smoking.


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How to create a gallery

Once you're editing or creating a content page:

1 - click this button:

2 - in the lower half of the new pop window, navigate to the directory you want to upload a photo into - eg people or short film award.

3 - click this button:

4 - find your file to upload.

5 - click the 'thumbnail' check box. if the image is too big, also click resize - and make the image a sensible sixe, eg 400px

once this has uploaded it should create a subfolder in your folder called thumnails. It will save a small version of your image in there.

6 - now click on the 'popup image tab at the top of the page

7 - click the 'enable' check box.

8 - select your uploaded image bin the lower half by clicking on it.

9 - you will be asked if you want to use associated thumbnail. Click yes

10 - add a caption if you want

11 - click insert, then you're done.


Changelog - 27/9/7

 27-9-7 - big upgrade night!

- CB advanced articles view component (with pagination

- Joomla eXtplorer

- JomPack - for backup

- Seyret videos component installed, categories created, permissions set and start videos uploaded.

- JomComment - purchased and installed 

- Google translate module 



-added MyVideos Community Builder - (click add YouTube / Google videos to the site) REMOVED

- added MosWiki (click the Wiki button and replace the word Joomla with the wiki page you want to appear. REMOVED

 - downgraded JCE to version 1.05 to get Advanced Image to work mosimage. rejigged advanced image, so it should now work

--- this log is only really active since the 16-Sept-07


How to submit an article

Anyone can be a contributor for Netribution.

Netribution is one of 5,000 news sources indexed by Google news which means stories can get a lot of visibility in a short space of time. Because of this we also need to be a bit more careful about what we publish so all stories have editor approval, and our content submission is a bit more complex (but a bit more powerful) than many blogs.

If you have something film or media related (or even just inspiring) that you'd like to share with the world - we'd be delighted to welcome you. What follows is a guide to how to get your work published.

1 - sign up

Click on this link to register. It takes about one minute.

2 - get ready

If you are using an old version of Internet Explorer, or Safari on the Mac, it is also reccomended that you use Firefox - as this works flawlessly with our content management system. Safari is very slow, and Explorer is, well, unpredictable.

3 - get to the right place

If you aren't already logged in, log in. Click remember me to stop you getting booted out. At the top right corner of the screen you should now see a new menu. Click the link 'submit an article'. This page allows you to edit any articles you have written, see how many hits they have had, and enter new ones.

At the bottom of the page is a popup menu where you can chose what sort of article you want to upload - news, interview, review, article (ie essay), or diary (ie blog). When you have selected your content type you will be forwarded to a content submission page.

4 - enter your content

This page is divided into a number of sections where you can copy and past your article.

Important - If you are using Microsoft Word to write your article, use this button ms word button to paste it onto our system - this will strip out some of the strange formating Word includes. If you are using another text editor which adds strange formating (you'll realise this when your article appears a bit of a mess), please use this plain text.

Otherwise just copy and paste as normal into the various sections (if you are copying from another web page, eg Wikipedia or your website, Firefox normally copies images and formating, which can save you a lot of time).

Title (required) - pretty self explanatory, enter the title for your story.

Category (required) - here you can choose a suitable category for your content to appear under (don't worry too much if one doesn't perfectly match, just choose the closest).

Intro (required) - the opening section of your story. Could just be the first paragraph, but ideally something which sums up what the rest of the article is about.

Body (optional) - this is where you put the rest of your article. If you article is only one or two paragraphs long you can put it all in the 'intro' box and leave the rest.

Metadata (optional) - to increase the chances of your article coming up high on search results, clicking on the metadata tab at the bottom will allow you the chance to enter a description of your piece and keywords.

5 - add pictures

If you want to add pictures there are two ways.

  • The simplest way is to have your picture hosted already on another website. Then you just need to clickimagewhich will bring up a popup window where you can paste the URL (ie of your image in the first box, and a description (for people with vision impairments) in the second box. Under the 'Appearance' tab of this window you can also change the size of the image, and align it to the left or the right of your text.
  • Alternatively, you can upload pictures to our system. Click onimageswhich brings up Image Manager. At the bottom is a number of folders. Choose the folder that most suits your image and double click on it. Click the uploadbutton and you can upload a JPG or GIF, which you can resize if needs be. Click on the appearance tab to change the alignment or size, and click insert.

6 - add bells, whistles and video

If you've got this far without tearing your hair out or giving up - well done and feel free to skip to number seven (or even eight). But thereare a few more things you can do to spice up your article if you are feeling particularly adventurous.

You will probably have noticed a number of familiar buttons - like boldfor bold, numbered listfor creating a numbered list and for making tabs for making tabs. Have a play, they work just like in a word processor.

You can also make links by selecting the text you want to turn into a link, and clicking this linkbutton.

You can even climb under the hood and edit the raw HTML code with this button code if that makes your day.

Add/embed video files

Perhaps coolest of all, you can embed video in the page to create your own personal one page film channel - or just to illustrate the story you are writing (eg an interview with a short filmmaker dotted through with examples of their work. To make it work you need to add a simple code:

{nameofprovider}video id{/nameofprovider}

There's a guide to doing this with most video providers here

7 - And save...

But wait. This is the moment where things can possibly go wrong. If you've spent a bit long working on your article, our system can log you out. Therefore when you click save, it doesn't recognise you and deletes your article. Aagh! Big nightmare.

To avoid this, there is a simple trick. You open up a second window (in Firefox or Explorer). Go to Netribution, and if you are not logged in, then log in.

Go back to your article, click the big save button save and your article will be forwarded to one of our editors to double check it's not spam or illegal or illegible, and it will soon appear on the front page.

8 - Time for a cup of tea

If it doesn't work, or something goes wrong, or you've submitted an article and it hasn't appeared within 48 hours, or you think these instructions could be improved, then please drop us an email - hello @

We cannot guarantee that we will include your article, or that it will appear on the front page of the site. We may change its category and formating for site consistency, and clean up any typos without telling you. Any other noticable material changes we will get in touch first. For more info see our terms and conditions.


About us


Netribution was founded at the end of 1999 by Tom Fogg, Wendy Bevan Mogg and Nic Wistreich. Inspired by the dotcom boom Tom and Nic quit their film degrees to run the site full-time, growing to become one of the UK's most popular - and biggest - film industry website. Due to a lack of funding from both private and public sources, ceased being updated from February 2002 - and all went our separate ways. In January 2006 the site relaunched a beta  site that would let anyone add articles.

Our aim is to encourage, assist and inspire independent creatives to use their new digital freedoms to create great work, that adds to our understanding of ourselves and the world, that helps move things forward.

If you would like to get involved - as a helper, angel, writer, editor, diarist or just nice person to have around, then do say hello

Nic Wistreich



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How do i put this headlines on my webpage?

Some blogs, content management systems and blog readers have automatic RSS reading.

Alternatively, you can use a feed-to-html generator such as this one - - to create some java script you can put into your web page so the headlines will load everytime there's a new article. It shouldn't slow your site down, and could improve Google rankings as Google likes sites with lots of fresh and changing links.

Can I copy your stories?

You can include parts of an article so longs as you provide a credit and link back.

If you want to include an article in full please check with the author first (click on their name at the top of the article to go to the ir profile where you can send a mesage) as copyright rests with them.

If you'd like to use our articles in full on a regular basis do get in touch as we will consider full and even anonymous news syndication.



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Netribution is run and paid for by volunteers. If you want to support our work, and help ensure the site remains free to use and independent - not relying on any big company or government - please make a donation.

We're penniless and unfunded, so unlike many subscription services or magazines you may pay for, anything you donate will be really appreciated.

We also promise you that your money will go into helping independent creatives worldwide - and will publish our accounts online to show this as soon as we can afford to pay for an accountant!

You can choose to donate once, or to pay a little amount each week, month or year. You can donate in Canadian Dollars (CAD), US Dollars (USD), British Pounds Sterling (GBP). Australian Dollars (AUD), Japanese Yen (JPY) and Euros (EUR).



Partnerships & advertising

jack lemmon, glengarry glen ross

We are talking about a Deal of a Lifetime here. We are talking about a Golden Opportunity. This isn't about making you rich. This is about... hello? ... hello? ... are you there?


Gotta make a deal. Gotta make a deal. Always Be Closing.. Always be..

Actually, we're probably a bit more annoying than your average magazine in that we're fussy.

We don't want to promote goods and services that don't really serve a value to anyone. And we don't like ugly adverts.

But as the no.1 free site on the Internet for the film and related industries, we can be picky. In fact our members, who take our recommendations seriously, would expect nothing less.

And we've come up with a few nice little ways to promote you and your company or product that - provided it fits on netribution - should more than make up for our 'if your name's not on the list, you can't join the party' attitude.


Level 1 - Simple business agreement

To be promoted in our shop (under the products menu) we seek two things: to be able to offer the product at the UK's (preferably global) lowest price; and to be able to take a healthy cut per sale.

Of course it also needs to be a product our members would find useful.

Level 2 - Text banners on each page

Running down the right column of each page will be small and modest Google-style banners, ie

One Life Stand
Great Film - buy now at UK's lowest price

For which we would charge per click (varies on budget, value, number of views, time of the month, etc.)

Level 3 - Photo banner

We're testing a new advertising idea here. On the one hand it is, I think, the biggest advertising space ever offered - a full 777 pixels width, across the top of Every page of the site.

Bought via a monthly auction, to appear as effectively site sponsor for an entire month (shorter periods considered). The advert is text free (or contains minimal text) and instead should have a great photograph or image. This could be a film still, or an image inspired by your product. If you want we can hel organise photshop / digital photo contests for members to create n image for your product that will appear for the whole month.

The thinking behind this strategy is so that members don't come to resent advertising on our site as intrusive, but instead recognise the value an advertiser has in supporting the site's sustainability and to physically see their contribution as beneficial - it increases the aesthetic appeal of the site. Plus as the only sponsor to to get graphical advertising for the month, the brand impact, even tho it isn't explicit, should be very strong (we would obviously announce to members, 'this month's photo banner comes from.. who.. why.. what.. how much.."

Level 4 - Other partnership

Perhaps you want to structure something a bit bigger, a bit better, a bit more long term? We have a lot of projects on the boil - if you're serious then drop us a line and we'll see if there is something closer to workon. We're always looing for party and event sponsors!

Ideal partners

Ideal advertising and promotional partners would primarily be people who produce great products and services of interest to our community. Things we wouldn't have any hesitation in recomending to friends and family members. Things that seemed to have been created foremost out of a motivation to make the best - be it software, hardware, book, DVD or industry service.

We also only work with companies and individuals that meet or are trying to meet our foudning principles.




This part of Netribution is very much a work in progress - if you'd like to see more let us know what you'd like to see, or better still - send us some stuff! 

At the moment there is a user generated wiki of information about media and using netribution; a glossary  for film and TV terms; a links directory for companies, organisations, products, services and useful destinations; classifieds; job postings and a calendar for film events listings

a few useful web resources...

Filmmaking networks

The original - Shooting People - charges £30 a year, with a trial option. Talent Cirlce is a free alternative, while contains main similar features in a different format (crewing, services, classified, etc). Other options include ProductionBase and Broadcast Freelancer.

Web editing

Get a free account where you can upload and then edit and mashup your content from a host of new 'beta' status websites, including JumpCut, VideoEgg - which has good capabilities for affiliates, Eyespot and Grouper.  

Video hosting

The biggie in this field YouTube has rapidly become amongst the 4th most popular site on the web, alongside heavyweight There's maybe better chance of getting noticed on smaller sites such as Veoh and Vimeo. will host your media in hi-res if available under certain licenses - which coupled with and the Miro player makes a powerful non-corporate alternative. If you have a short film, BBC Film Network may host it if they think it's good enough. has a branch in the UK, and may pay you if they want to broadcast your work on TV. Canada Broadcasting Corps' Zed TV, however, is open to all and the best of the work gets broadcast.


Netribution ran through two periods — a static site & weekly magazine/newsletter from the end of 1999 to early 2002; and as a user-generated, open cms-built site running between January 8th 2006 and 27 May, 2014 when the last user-submitted article was received. After this it became a more-traditional occasional blog. It is maintained here for archive purposes.

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