Art Depart Mental

The Art director and I have issues. He thinks I'm not taking my job seriously and I think he's a wanker. It's been a steadily deteriorating state of affairs since midmorning when he caught me pogoing across set on a spacehopper, my wee noggin bouncing up and down behind stage as I propelled myself along an imaginary race track. I didn't know it was a bloody prop and so when he comes up to me bellowing, I chalk him down as having a case of mistaken identity and propel myself towards the distant fire escape, my arse bounding up and down on the inflatable bubble, whilst unbeknownst to me the Art director gives chase, his saggy, pink jowls similarly rippling with the motion of the chase
Bounce, flop, Bounce, flop, Bounce, flop. B…


Who's Going To Take The Celtic Title, Then?

james macgregorNo, its got nothing to do with football championships, but everything to do with winning recognition for some breathtaking screen work. Doctor Who might be from another planet, but he seems to have landed on his feet in Wales and dominated the TV ratings. The programme is now in contention for a Celtic Film Festival award, this year held in Falmouth, Cornwall from 29th March to 31st.


HELENA BONHAM CARTER - Poetry in stop motion

I like dressing up. Because, like, Mrs Bucket [in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory], I was the one who asked for teeth. They’re not my real teeth, although Tim keeps thinking they are. I know, but I think there’s something sweetly romantic about it. Just think: after being an ape, after all that, he saw through to the real me!



AMMA ASANTI - after grange hill

amma asantiNetribution readers of a certain age will recall this writer/director playing a schoolgirl role in Grange Hill. She's moved on from there and gone behind the camera, becoming the first black woman to write and produce her own TV drama. Now she's turned to directing and her formidible talent sees her debut cinema offering scooping a shelf-full of awards, including a Carl Forman Award at the BAFTAs as Best Newcomer. In this, her first feature, she not only produced a good film on a low budget, but did so with a very young largely untried, but clearly talented cast. She's quite a sister, Amma Asante.


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