ANDY SERKIS - Big on Character

In terms of acting there’s no difference in playing a conventional role and playing a CG character in terms of the acting choices and creative approach in building a character, a psychological profile for the role and so on. In those terms, there are absolutely no differences. But in technicality there’s a language you have to learn. It’s akin to being on a bare theatrical stage – you have to imagine everything. You don’t have a costume, or make-up to help you for instance, but what it’s about in performance is a very pure form of acting. With Kong, it was technically very difficult in terms of proportionality of Kong as compared to Gollum, who was one to one with my physicality in terms of size. With Kong there were huge technical challenges, with the length of the forearms and how we made him relate to the environment and so on, but in terms of acting, there’s no difference.”

Andy Serkis talks about building character in his roles as King Kong, Gollum and as "El Presidente" the King Pin of The Jolly Boys - their Last Stand comes out on DVD this week - AND his own ambitions to work behind the camera directing film action.


Building Comic Characters - ANDY SERKIS & The Boys Get Jolly

Andy Serkis We did a lot of casting, a lot of casting. Everybody will tell you casting is so important. The agents in town were all very supportive, particularly since there is not much out there for young actors. There are TV soaps and other drama series or a bit of fringe theatre – even that is very competitive – so if you approach with a film and their actors like the script, often they will be very helpful. Agents take on a lot of actors straight out of drama school and most actors find it very, very tough to get work, especially in those first three or four years. So I saw a lot of actors and they all seemed to like the project and then also, I had Andy Serkis on board from very early on in the lead role. Of course all the actors had heard of him and respected him, so it wasn't so much for me that they wanted to do it, it was for a chance to act with him [smiles]."

Chris Payne, witer/director The Jolly Boys Last Stand - out now on DVD


Scotland's National enters Home Run

Scotland's answer to the Royal National Theatre launches later this month. Inevitably being largely ignored by the London-based media, this is the formation of a major cultural institution, the endpoint of over a century of campaigning for the land that brings us not only Harry Potter, Sir Sean and Ewan McG, but the world's largest and most famous theatre festival, and its best new years party to boot. Yes The National Theatre of Scotland, after all the new fangled and exciting typography and dramaticallly lit launch receptions, is finally about to put itself out on display for all good cynics to laugh at and criticise. Perhaps pre-empting the attacks, the first prodution Home has done a few audience friendly things: firstly it's free, so no-one really can complain. Next it's actually 10 productions performed simultaneously, so even if the one you see isn't great you can rest assured that you missed the real masterpiece on the other side of Scotland. And finally the pieces are devised, so no matter what you think, you can't help but be grateful that someone is giving 10 talented directors the chance to create a new piece of theatre along the theme of Home somewhere in Scotland, including Alison Peebles,  star of such magazines as Netribution :).


“Shoot Me a Croc Picture – Make it Snappy” - Weinstein

Still from Rogue The atmosphere is dark, dismal and claustrophobic. From the cave roof, water drips and trickles underfoot. The noxious odour of rotting bones fills the fetid air. Meanwhile, leaves swirl gently on the surface of a filthy swamp. A young woman lies unconscious at the water's edge, one leg badly gored, a raw and bloodied chest. In her arms, a torn, ripped life jacket.....


Rumble in the Jungle; in India with Academy Award Nominated Director Ashvin Kumar

 Approaching Menace

...he did a lot of his hunting at night, when there was no light to see by, except for the moon. But then he preferred not to go out on moonlit nights because just as he could see his adversary, so his adversary could see him! The real battle of wits was between him and the animal he was tracking and the amount of… well there were times he would start tracking a maneater during the day and by nightfall, he had come so far, it was impossible for him to get back to where he had set up camp, so he would be compelled to spend the night up a tree. You just can’t help but admire the courage of this man, who knew that there was a maneating tiger in the district and in fact, very, very close to where he is, because he is tracking it.”

Oscar-nominated director Ashvin Kumar on Jim Corbett, the hunter who inspired his high-suspense film drama Forest, heading for Cannes in May.


Netribution's HDTV UK Guide

HDTV BalloonsSeveral years after it launched in the US and Japan High Definition Television, or HDTV, is finally set to arrive in Europe. The stores are full of HD ready flat screen sets (plasma and LCD) and projection systems, the transmission standards have been agreed. All that is lacking now is HDTV content and that is building fast. This is the Netribution Guide to where you will find HDTV and when.


NICOLE KIDMAN - Birth and life

 [Acting] is very dangerous. It’s like putting a boxer in the ring and you say, ‘I want you to box, I want you to box really hard, and I want you to kill someone, almost. But then when you step out of the ring, don’t use your hands,' you know? With an actor you’re saying you have to keep everything raw and available and there, and now we’re going to put you back into the world, but now you have to be very disciplined and adult and mature. You know, you’re constantly trying to balance it.


FilmFour Goes Free-to-Air

FilmFour LogoChannel 4 is to relaunch FilmFour as the UK’s only major free to air film channel on digital service Freeview from July, confirming reports circulating for almost a year. It will also be available to all cable and satellite viewers without the need to pay a monthly subscription. On digital satellite, the FilmFour channel will be available to freesat viewers and to Sky digital customers.


Anytime, Anywhere TV

BBC 2 Test CardThe BBC plans to allow viewers to effectively create their own schedule by logging on to watch at their convenience - on broadband. In the BBC's most dramatic experiment in on-line programming, a trial of virtually all BBC2's content may be be provided via broadband.


Low Budget Horror Remake Tops Box

Camilla BelleHorror remake When a Stranger Calls has topped the US box office over the Super Bowl weekend, according to Exhibitor Relations. The low-budget film, directed by Simon West, took an impressive $22m on its weekend debut. When a Stranger Calls sees Camilla Belle play a high-school student who is harassed by an increasingly threatening prank caller.


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