New Oscar Set Revealed in All its Glory

oscar setThe new set for the film world's greatest drama - the Academy Awards, has been unveiled in Hollywood. It was created by Roy Christopher who has designed for the show since 1979.

 Pictured is Christopher with his design for the 2004 Oscar ceremony. His 2006 design is much miore glamourous and can be seen below, unveiled for the first time........


Lib Dems: The Movie

Tobias BlennerhassettThis year has seen something of a resurgence of interest in the political movie with 'Good Night. And Good Luck' and 'Syriana' both doing well both critically and financially. In contrast, the British Film Industry hasn't produced a political film since the late eighties. One man aims to change all that. Tobias Blennerhassett has produced some of the most successful films ever produced in this country including, 'Strippers on the Dole' and 'The Short, Fat Thursday'.

I went to speak to him find out more about his plans for what he hopes will be the greatest British political film ever made - Lib Dems: The Movie.


Bad Movie Night Rocks

Projector A couple in Wales, fed up with seeing bad films they want to shout out loud at, are giving other filmgoers a chance to do just that, at the Bad Film Club night out

Swansea comedians Nicola Vaughan, 31, and Joe Timmins, 33, formed the Bad Films Club which meets every month at Swansea's Dylan Thomas Theatre and at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

Nicola Vaughan, who styles herself on-stage as Nicko, used to be in the movie business as an insider, working as a script supervisor.

"We all know movies we just hate and which are just plain bad.,” she says. "Joe and myself decided to form a club where people could whinge or heckle out loud as the films were being played on a big screen. We do a running commentary as the movies are being played pointing out the really, really bad bits and the audience, or club members, join in too with comments of their own." 


REEL LONDON Documentary Call


DFG FilmsA call for submissions from emerging documentary makers has gone out from DFG Films in partnership with Film London and ITV London. Reel London offers filmmakers an opportunity to produce diverse and distinctive films using the documentary medium in new and innovative ways, and have them broadcast on terrestrial television, mid week, in a pre-watershed slot.


British Films To Go Upwards with Woodward?

UK Film CouncilBritain's film industry is facing a better future according to UK Film Council chief executive John Woodward: “It's true the film production sector has gone through a very bumpy patch over the last 18 months, but we are now poised to reap the rewards - with nothing to fear except the British disease of talking ourselves down.”


Is Dick Cheney smokescreen for Abu Gharib?

taoLet's look at this one a bit more closely. The Washington government are sitting on a pile of photos and videos that show Muslims being tortured, humliated and perhaps killed by American soldiers under a freedom and democracy mandate.

This at a time when Muslim paranoia of western intentions is at an all time high, when the Mohammed cartoons have shown the west's total disrespect for the religious traditions of a culture - who would never even make a statue of the Prophet, least of all depict him as a suicide bomber. And this while there are Danish forces and companies operating in the largely Muslim Iraq. The Abu Gharib torture photos are images that bring great shame to any of us who believed we were fighting on the 'good side' in this war.

Perhaps there is no good side, save for the side which says that war is not the answer, while those who disregard the suffering and death of innocents will all, only ever be, terrorists.


The Film School Report

Film Camera Have you been to film school? Did you have a good experience, a bad one or an indifferent one? We were shocked to receive this from a very unhappy student from overseas who came to the UK to study moving image photography at degree level. Maybe a UK degree course was not the right one for him to follow. Since they must have academic standing to receive funding. Knowing how to load and unload a camera is not an academic discipline. There are non-academic film courses available in the UK, but of course they can't award degrees. What really worried us though, was the fact that this university has received “centre of excellence” status as a degree level film school – government approved, as it were. Here's a critique from one of their graduates who would not support awarding it that kind of status.


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