Carlyle on Board For Power Flood (UPDATED)

Robert Carlyle takes starring role in FloodBritish drama co-producer Power has started shooting Flood, its US$24m feature disaster thriller about sea-inundated London, set for theatrical release early next year. The feature joins Power in a three-way hook-up with Moonlighting Films of South Africa and Muse Entertainment Enterprises of Canada. The project is being produced by Power's CEO Justin Bodle and independent producer Peter McAleese.



 The idea, I think, that most appealed to me about The Constant Gardener was that I think in our parents' generation they felt more idealistic and I think they felt more that one person can make a difference. I think students today are not that politically active. Not like they used to be. And what I loved about this film is that it portrays people who really do believe, absolutely, that one person can make a difference. Not only that one person make a difference but if you just help one person, it can also make a difference. That spirit, I don't want to call it a message because it sounds too preachy, but that notion moves me very, very deeply.


Special Edition launches with the latest DVDs

DVD Laurence Boyce presents Netribution’s first regular round-up of the best DVD’s available for all those who want to know which shiny discs to watch and which to use as coasters. Just brace yourself, as the first time around, our Special Edition is massive (and, with a line like that, it’s a shame that we’re not reviewing a Carry On film …)




 “This is the moment where Truman Capote got everything he ever wanted in life. And the moment he had it, and he celebrated himself with his black and white ball at the Plaza, that’s the epitome; the rest is a spiralling into hell. He did what he was attempting to do from the time he was a child, which is he wanted that praise and recognition; but I think once he had it, it’s almost like he resented the world for having that opinion, which was so inconsistent with his own. There’s so much self-hatred there.”



OSCAR WINNER NICK PARK - Wallace, Gromit and Me

wallace--gromit-1.jpgSince I made Grand Day Out, I’ve thought how similar Wallace is to my father, because my father used to make things a lot. He wasn’t an inventor but he was always in the shed making things. In Grand Day Out, Wallace builds a rocket and it’s got wallpaper inside and furniture, and it just reminded me after making the film of my dad. There was seven of us in the family and he made this caravan with a trailer and he put furniture inside and wallpaper and stuff, just like Wallace would, and it just struck me how uncanny it is that he is doing things so similar to the way Wallace does it.


Actors Detained by Special Branch Following Terror Roles

Homeland Security Warning NoticeTwo actors who appear in the award-winning British documentary The Road to Guantanamo were detained and interrogated at Luton Airport by Special Branch when returning from Berlin, along with two former Guantanamo prisoners. One of the actors says his treatment by security authorities was "intimidating" and "humiliating."


EXCLUSIVE: Shark Monster in Bed With Toxic Avenger

GloverThe Evolved, a feature film about a rogue shark monster terrorizing London and produced for only £1000 has been signed for distribution to the Legendary American film company, Troma Entertainment. Troma has helped bring to the world some of the best and brightest talents in entertainment. The duo of Andy Senior and John Turner who conceived and made the film are delighted and itching to start their next project, but first they are waiting to see how their feature does at the Cannes film market in May.

Senior says, "Our team are very proud at what has been achieved with a group of people and a tiny budget. The aim now is to develop new film projects much further, with an increase in the scale of production, ideally in Britain." And, he says a new film is planned for production in 2006.


The Theatre About to Leave Port is the National Theatre of Scotland Bound For Aberdeen

Shetland FerryThe Shetland Islands ferry Hjaltland will be transformed into a stage today for the remotest launch of a National Theatre of Scotland production. Home is the theme of 10 different productions staged for 55 performances in 10 unusual venues throughout Scotland.


Nothing Good on at the Cinema Today? What rubbish!

Red StarWhat a year 2006 is turning out to be for any socialist who wants to see politically charged or socially aware cinema. The line up for this year’s best film Oscar and the recent releases from Europe are a testament to the film industry being in rude health in terms of intelligent and heartfelt work.


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