DIRECTOR JAMES MCTEIGUE - Political warfare in V for Vendetta

v for vendettaRather than just come out and call V a terrorist, I think you have to look behind the veil and see what creates people like that. Then if you take that line, is it right to call Nelson Mandela a terrorist? Is it right to call Che Guevara a terrorist? There’s been a lot of historical figures that, at the time, depending on what regime they’re fighting against, are called a lot of different things. I think V falls in that milieu of lots of different people.


Mutant Eats UK Competition in Horror Shock

The Hills Have EyesThe remake of a 1977 Wes Craven slasher frightened off the competition in the UK box office this opening weekend. The Hills Have Eyes, directed by Frenchman Alexandre Aja, raked in £1.1m. The film tells the story of a family who become stranded in the Mexican desert, only to come under attack from a bunch of flesh-eating mutants. The remainder of the box office chart was spread between a selection of crowd-pleasers and Oscar-winning indie films.


Cashing in on Oscarless Cashback

CashbackThe filmmakers behind best live-action short nominee Cashback may have left left the Oscar ceremony empty-handed, but their film is poised to grow bigger. Writer-director Sean Ellis and producer Lene Bausager have turned the sexy, 19-minute supermarket drama ("think a UK-style Clerkswith lots of nudity" - Variety) into a feature-length film, reuniting the short's ensemble cast.



Burton On Burton (Revised Edition). Edited by Mark Salisbury

Burton On Burton Cover

Tim Burton has always had something of a schizophrenic career. On one hand he’s the eccentric visionary who works on the fringes of Hollywood with such films as the fabulous Edward Scissorhands and the commercially unsuccessful yet brilliantly twisted Mars Attacks. On the other hand he’s at the heart of the Hollywood machine, helming the merchandise monster that was Batman and the critically maligned yet financially lucrative ‘re-imagining’ of Planet of the Apes. Can Burton on Burton reveal just which is the real Tim Burton?


Five TV Newsbites Offered to New Filmmakers

DFG logoChannel 5 News logoChannel 5 and DFG are challenging emerging filmmakers to look for strong, contemporary and domestic story-lines, from both London and the regions, with emphasis on the cultural richness and diversity of Britain, for network broadcast as part of Channel 5 news. They offer support and facilities to new filmmakers to meet their brief.  


First HD-DVD Player Shipping

HD-DVD about to start shippingThe first HD-DVD player should be available within the next couple of weeks, but there is a slight catch. It comes as a part of a portable Toshiba Qosmio G30 Core Duo-based PC costing around £2,000. No rush to buy is expected because at the moment there are no films released on HD-DVD to watch on it. All the same, Toshiba feels they are keeping their customers ahead of the game.


MACHINIMA - Making Films Out of Games

The Art of MachinmaA workshop on machinima, hosted 14 - 17 March by Mediamatic in Amsterdam, is all about making movies with game engines. Machinima is the art of making film inside the real-time 3D virtual environment of a video game engine. By treating the in-game viewpoint as a camera, the gamespace becomes the set, the characters turn into actors, and the gamer becomes a director.


Britfilm Indies To Get WARP Drive

Warp's Robin GutchBritish filmmakers are to get a shot in the arm as Warp X, a new digital film studio designed to shake up the way feature films are financed and produced in Britain, launches on 23rd March. Warp X is backed by £4.5 million of funding from the National Lottery, Film Four and regional screen agencies and by using the latest digital production methods, Warp plan to make seven low budget feature films over the next three years.


Cartoons To Make Cinema Comeback

Cartoons make a return to the big screenThe cartoon short before the main feature used to be an integral part of the cinema going experience. Generations of adults remember them fondly and now in a media first, Cartoon Network UK is bringing them back as a way of promoting its TV brand to the kids of today. This seven figure campaign is Cartoon Network’s single largest ever marketing initiative.


PAUL HAGGIS - Writer/Director of Oscar winning movie Crash

paul haggis oscar winner"It was terrible trying to fund Crash. No one wanted to do it. First of all I was an unknown director. I had directed for television but that's actually worse. It would have been better if I had been a complete unknown. Also, it's very hard to tell the tone of the movie from the script, because it could have come off as really preachy, or rather the characters preaching and being didactic, which I didn't want. I wanted to lampoon these characters who were saying these great, wonderful things. So we took it out of the studios, no one wanted it, and we took it to quite a few financiers, and they liked the script but didn't want to do it with me as the director. And then, finally, we found Bob Yari and Cathy Schulman, and they said, 'Yeah, we'll put up a little bit of money to get it cast.' So it took us a year and a half to get the right cast that worked for them so they'd put more of the money up. All the actors worked for nothing. We all waived our fees.”


Crash Confounds Oscar Predictions in Night of the Indies

Rachel WeiszNick ParkPaul Haggis' Crash beat Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain to the best film award at the Oscars on Sunday in a night which favoured independent titles over studio pictures, and saw the brits pick seven gongs. The race relations drama also won best original screenplay and the award for best film editing.

Brit winners pictured - Rachel Weisz & Nick Park (click the photos for exclusive in-depth netribution interviews from Stephen  Applebaum).



Paradise Now - A Step Along the Road to Peace?

Hani Abu Assad, director of Oscar-niminated Paradise NowParadise Now, the Oscar-nominated film directed by Hany Abu Assad, is the first feature film to take on the theme of suicide bombers. It is a film that plays across a hugely emotional landscape which inevitably polarises people. For every terrorist there are victims, for every oppressed person, there are martyrs: it all depends on your viewpoint....

Khaled and Said, two young Palestinians, friends since childhood, have been selected for a mission as suicide bombers in Tel Aviv. For one night, they are permitted to visit their families in Nablus, to spend with those they love what is likely to be the last night of their young lives.  They tell no-one of their plans, so they don't really take their final leave of their relatives. The next morning, they are brought to the Israeli border. They carry the bombs concealed on their bodies.


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