Industry Gathers for Merchant Farewell

Ismail Merchant, literary film producer Britain's film world gathered at a film premiere last night to pay a final farewell to Ismail Merchant. Also present was his director and co-producing partner in what turned out to be their final collaboration. Merchant's "surrogate" family - writers and actors - attended in strength for the screening of The White Countess, from his co-producer in 23 Merchant Ivory films, James Ivory, to Madeleine Daly, a ten year old who appears in the last film of his 45-year career.


V for Vendetta Tops US Box Office

A bald-headed Natalie Portman in V for VendettaV for Vendetta, starring Natalie Portman, has topped the North American box office chart in its opening week. The political thriller was produced by the Wachowski brothers, who made The Matrix. It took $26.1m (£14.8m) over the weekend. Based on a graphic novel by British writer Alan Moore, V for Vendetta has received mixed reviews from critics.


Ant & Dec Go Wide in Aliens Film

Ant & Dec go wide - onto the big screenCheeky Geordie chaps Ant'n'Dec, familiar to all UK residents for SMTV:Live!, Byker Grove, Pop Idol and I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! have now moved into film. Alien Autopsy tells the story of two men who discover the legendary tape showing the alien autopsy performed after the alleged Roswell crash. As the media frenzy descends upon them, it seems their lives will never be the same again...



kevin costner

You’re a writer, right? You love to write. What if somebody was going to take that away from you? When you realise someone’s going to take away something you love, a way of life, however you feed your family, you’re confused by it and you try to make a sense of it. But, generally speaking, the kind of person that would take your life away from you is a sociopath. So you can’t even get inside their thinking anyway. You’re going, ’Why are you such an asshole?’ You’ve had it in your school life when you’re a boy, and you probably have it in your neighbourhood, and you think, ’What are you going to do about this?’

“The American West is not a fairy tale place. It’s not like it didn’t happen. It was settled by Europeans and they couldn’t speak the language. They were told the land was up for grabs, and if you were smart enough and you were tough enough, and you were violent enough, you could have what you didn’t have in England or in Italy or in Russia. So it was a rough place out there, the issues of land and the disputes over land were bloody, and it wasn’t that long ago.”


Jim Poole Seeking Scotland's Short Film Talent

Scotland's premiere short film award is open again, for its seventh year, to showcase the very best of Scotland's short film talent. The Jim Poole Scottish Short Film Award was launched in 1999 by the Cameo Cinema to jointly celebrate its fiftieth birthday and to demonstrate a commitment to supporting emerging filmmaking talent in Scotland.


OSCARS INSIDER - The Essential Knowledge

Yes, it's the Oscar trivia page, but every movie has to have its trivia, so the biggest movie award ceremony in the world needs one too. We'll be adding to this over the years as further trivia is unearthed, so this page will come back to add to your OSCAR entertainment, as the latest Academy Awards Ceremony comes around....


Dr Who Goes Tapeless

David Tennant, starring as the Doctor in Series 2BBC Wales has invested £500,000 in tapeless workflow technology for post-production work. The Cardiff-based regional BBC production centre has made huge impact on the corporation's drama outpact, with top audience ratings for the recent Doctor Who series, very shortly to go out on US cable and with further series in the pipeline.


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