Mounties Monitor Murder Movie

Mounties always get their manCanadian Mounties, known by reputation that they "always get their man," are monitoring a website promoting a movie based on accused serial killer Robert Pickton. The families of several women who disappeared from Vancouver's downtown Eastside were told about the film in January. Since then the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has been checking the website to determine if any laws are being broken.


Go Ape! Kong is First Download-to-own Movie

King Kong - who will rule the movie download jungle?Universal Pictures UK has announced the launch of the nation’s first proper movie download service. First up is King Kong, ready to download to your PC next month. Also arriving on the 10th of April is a raft of 34 titles, including Keira Knightley's version of Pride and Prejudice and game-to-movie adaptation, Doom. Unlike previous movie UK downloads like Sky By Broadband and AOL’s Film Downloads, Universal lets you own the films permanently, like buying iTunes.


PACT/UKFC Welcome Brown's New Film Tax Regs

Chancellor Gordon BrownChancellor Gordon Brown's announcement is good news for the British film industry and makes the UK an attractive place to make films according to  John Woodward CEO of the UK Film Council. He said films will now be required to spend at least 25% of their budgets in the UK to qualify for tax relief - down from the proposed 40%.


V For Vendetta

V For VendettaFilms based on a comic book will always attract two forms of criticism. Firstly there’ll be those who judge the inherent quality of the film. Then there’ll be those who’ll judge the film and its fidelity to the original source material. For a perfect of example of this then you need look no further than V For Vendetta. Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s original graphic novel has been beloved of comic fans since its publication in the mid 80s. A tale of a vigilante who wreaks havoc on a totalitarian Britain, the novel was a densely plotted and intense vision of the future that was a thinly veiled attack on the horrors of Thatcherism. Intelligent and adult, it was a favorite of those who were used to being told that ‘comics were just for kids’. Almost two decades on, there was slight consternation when it was announced that V For Vendetta was being brought to the big screen. After the debacles that were From Hell and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen would this be the Alan Moore adaptation that got it right? And, for those who didn’t give a damn about the original, would the film be any good?


Indo-British Treaty To Realise Ten Pics a Year -JOWELL

Tessa Jowell - treaty worth ten joint films a yearIndia and Britain will together make 10 films worth 155 million pounds initially under a co-production treaty partly signed last year according to the UK Culture Secretary. 
Tessa Jowell, speaking in Mumbai, pointed out that Indian films accounted for over 16 percent of all British releases last year.


Documentary Filmaker & Blogger Imprisoned in China

Reporters Without Borders wrote to President Hu Jintao today asking him to intervene on behalf of documentary filmmaker Hao Wu, who was arrested in Beijing on 22 February after attending a meeting of members of a protestant church not recognised by the government as part of the preparation of his next documentary.


Fry Launches Film on India's Digital Maths Pioneer

Stephen Fry - "fascinated" by the story of two Cambridge maths pioneersA multi-million dollar Indo-UK feature about maths genius Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujan and his friendship with Cambridge don GH Hardy has been soft-launched in India. The biopic, scheduled for rolling in early 2007, has been developed by British actor-director Stephen Fry and Indian filmmaker Dev Benegal, who independently had wanted to bring Ramanujan's life to the screen.





 There are some people who suffer from this "[Auschwitz] disease" for life, simply because of the experience they have gone through. Another group simply doesn’t talk about it. And a third group of people have learned to come to terms with these events. I’m a writer, so I don’t belong to any one of these three categories. I view my experience as being raw material and I process it in the process of writing. And as I go along, I get rid of this experience. You know, this is how I go on and on and on and on, until I reach a stage, as a writer, where I will have run out of raw material. Then it’s time to die.


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